Early College Charter High School - Grades 9-12 Located on the Campus of Santa Fe Community College
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Why Choose The MASTERS Program?

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College education as an option for every student. We expect all students to perform at rigorous academic levels when provided with challenging learning activities by inspired and dedicated teachers. At TMP, we firmly believe that all students are capable of reaching their truest potential. We encourage them to pursue their individual curiosities and interests with the guidance of dedicated instructors within The MASTERS program through its relationship with Santa Fe Community College (SFCC). By setting high expectations for personal conduct and community responsibility, we aim to create a supportive learning environment. This environment allows students to grow into well-rounded, empowered citizens who become lifelong learners. TMP students understand the power and importance of adaptive critical thinking skills in community leadership and dialogue.

At TMP, we aim to educate individuals as a whole. Students practice critical thinking and communication skills to seek out answers to their intellectual, creative, and academic interests in an informal, non-traditional educational setting. This approach creates more opportunities to spark inspired dialogue among TMP students, teachers, staff, and the surrounding SFCC campus community.

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