Early College Charter High School - Grades 9-12 Located on the Campus of Santa Fe Community College
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Our School Values

A caring and compassionate environment that prizes diversity and fosters the development of community leaders

Our Core Values

At The MASTERS Program (TMP), we are dedicated to empowering every student with a transformative education. Grounded in a commitment to accessibility, we foster rigorous academic excellence through challenging, inspired teaching. Our holistic educational philosophy values insight, truth, and wisdom, encouraging active learning. We prioritize dialogue, active community engagement, problem-solving, dialogue democratic practice, in addition to individualized, student-centered curriculum, instilling critical thinking, social awareness, and fostering collaboration.

TMP embraces interdisciplinary learning, allowing students to explore diverse interest and curiosities. With these values at our core, we cultivate compassionate leaders, critical thinkers equipped to thrive beyond the classroom as lifelong learners and citizens of the world.