Early College Charter High School - Grades 9-12 Located on the Campus of Santa Fe Community College
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Enrollment Form

To be filled out only after notified of acceptance to TMP through the lottery process

Prefer to Print & Fill?

You can print, complete and bring to the TMP Office in the West Wing of SFCC lower level room 325.
  • Go online to SFCC website www.sfcc.edu select Apply Now, New Students, Online Here.
  • On application select “College Credit Courses”  choose any semester. This is NOT continuing Education. 
  • You will need your Social Security number for this application. 
  • For DEGREE, pick General Studies from the drop down.  You will be a PART-TIME Student.
  • Your high school will be The MASTERS Program not your current school. HS code 320622 and pick NM. Only enter the code and NM, the rest will be blank.
  • Upon completion of the SFCC online application, an email will be generated to the student with his/her SFCC student ID Number (referred to as an “A” number). Please write down the number. You will be required to have this number to take the ALEKS test.  If you do not receive one, please call.
  •  Low test scores could require retaking a math course even though credit has been earned.
  • The test results are given to the student when the test is completed.  The student should bring these ALEKS test results to the TMP office upon completion of test (or the next day if the student finishes after 4:00pm). Test results determine TMP Math placement and SFCC college course placement.
  • Getting an A# and taking the ALEKS test as soon as possible in the spring will allow us to register students for SFCC classes while there is plenty of room. Late registration means classes may be full.
  • When all completed registration forms, documents (birth certificate, immunization forms and transcript/report cards) are turned in to the Admissions Coordinator, Monica McSpadden will follow up with more information.

Please contact Monica McSpadden, Admissions Coordinator, if you have any questions.

Email: mmcspadden@tmpsantafe.org

Student Enrollment Form

Form SY 2023-2024

Physical Address
Mailing Address
Student Info

If student is American Indian or Alaskan Native: (Please provide a copy of your CIB and FF506 to the school office)

Previous School Services
Previous School Attended
Information Disclosure

TMP may be requested to provide contact information (name, address and phone number) of our high school juniors and seniors to military recruiters, colleges and other groups. You are not required to participate in this program.

This information will stay on file in the School Office for the duration of time your student is enrolled at TMP. If you wish to make changes to the form, it is your responsibility to contact the TMP Office. I attest that all information contained in this form is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

Parent/Guardian/Family Information
Parent/Guardian 1:

If no, please provide the following:

Parent/Guardian 2:

If no, please provide the following:

Are you or is your parent/guardian a member of the National Guard, Military Reserve or on Active Duty in the United States Military?

Emergency Contact Information

#1: Do NOT list the parent/guardian above)

#2: Do NOT list the parent/guardian above)

In the event of an emergency, I hereby give permission to TMP and its designee to transport and/or seek medical attention for my child.

All information contained on this card is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to notify the school office if any of this information changes.