Early College Charter High School - Grades 9-12 Located on the Campus of Santa Fe Community College
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Emergency Resources

Safety and emergency resources at our school

Safety & Emergency Services


  • Dial 9-911 on a campus-system phone or activate an emergency phone for situations such as fire, bomb threats, active shooter, or uncontained chemical spills.
  • After you have informed the appropriate emergency authority, call Campus Safety Officers at (505) 428-1224 to advise them of the situation. The college procedure for evacuation of buildings will immediately be set in motion.

Emergency Telephone Numbers (from on-campus phones)

  • Ambulance, 9-911
  • Campus Safety Office, 428-1224
  • City police substation, 9-955-2080
  • Fire and city police and sheriff, 9-911
  • Poison control, 9-1-800-432-6866
  • Sheriff, 9-428-3720
  • State Police, 9-827-9300
  • SFCC’s Weather Line 9-428-1716

Personal Safety Tips

  • Stay in well-lit areas after dark.
  • Walk to your vehicle with others or request an escort from a Campus Safety Officer.
  • Keep your windows closed and your vehicle locked.
  • Do not leave valuables in your vehicle or, if you must, place them out of sight.
  • Report suspicious behavior to Campus Security or any member of the SFCC or TMP staff.
  • Report incidents that occur on campus to Campus Security who will work with local law enforcement agencies on prosecution.

Incident Reporting to the New Mexico Public Education Department