Early College Charter High School - Grades 9-12 Located on the Campus of Santa Fe Community College
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Davis Scholarship

Paving the Way for New Mexico's First-generation College-bound Students

The Davis New Mexico Scholarship Program is all about paving the way for New Mexico’s first-generation college-bound students, ensuring they not only start their undergraduate journey but successfully complete their four-year degree.

Established in 2014, the program seeks to guarantee that more first-generation college students from New Mexico successfully complete a four-year college degree. Since its inception, it has allocated over $27 million in scholarships and $1.8 million in grant awards. Davis New Mexico Scholars not only start their college journey but also persist and excel in their academic pursuits. In fact, over 90% of the scholars realize their aspiration of graduating within four years. These remarkable achievements are not mere coincidence; they are the outcome of the unswerving dedication of the scholars, precision-targeted support systems, and deliberate collaboration among affiliate organizations within New Mexico and partner colleges across the nation.

The Davis New Mexico Scholarship Program stands as a beacon of success, with an impressive 90% of Davis New Mexico Scholars attaining their bachelor’s degree within four years. The commitment remains to transform aspirations into reality, forging and reinforcing pathways to higher education for all students in New Mexico.