Early College Charter High School - Grades 9-12 Located on the Campus of Santa Fe Community College
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Learn about our instructional curriculum

1. Algebra 2 (Anderson Dean)

2. Integrated Science 2 and Forensics (Anita Nugent)

3. Assistance Dogs of the West (Barbara Klein)

4. Government and Contemporary World Issues (Caroline Pfleghar)

5. Academic Lab (Cheryl Romero)

6. Algebra 1 and Financial Literacy

7. Applied Math and Geometry (Diana Boyd)

8. Leadership (Ernest Kacavanaugh)

9. Physical Education and Health (James Karthauser)

10. English 3, 4 and First Year Seminar (Joanne Greenfield)

11. World History and New Mexico History (Jon Pyle)

12. English 1 and Recovery English (Kristin Carlisle)

13. Catalyst (Liz Daily)

14. Integrated Science 1, Environmental Science, and Zoology (Phil Coleman)

15. Philosophy (Roxanne Seagraves)

16. English 2 and Integrated English 2 (Sarah Weisberg)

Explore the SFCC course catalog: https://www.sfcc.edu/look-for-a-credit-class/