Early College Charter High School - Grades 9-12 Located on the Campus of Santa Fe Community College
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Explore our range of courses at The MASTERS Program

With a dedicated faculty of NM-certified teachers, we ensure academic support that nurtures and elevates every student. Our commitment to providing an education is unwavering, delivered through dual credit courses, and high school credit courses, providing the knowledge and skills needed to excel.

We collaborate closely with SFCC faculty, forging partnerships that facilitate academic success. As we consistently surpass enrollment targets, extend our academic programs beyond traditional hours, and engage parents in their children’s education, we stand as a beacon of academic excellence.

"It's not just education; it's a journey to greatness."

Academics at The MASTERS Program

High School Courses

The MASTERS Program teachers offer required high school level courses in math, science, English and history. The state of New Mexico requires that all students take at least ½ of the credits required for graduation (state requires 24 credits, so 12) at high school level, either at TMP or previously at another high school. TMP students must carry a minimum of 5 courses (1 credit high school courses or the equivalent) each semester unless a variance is granted by the Head of School.  Seniors may take fewer courses second semester if they do not need them to graduate.

College Courses at Santa Fe Community College

The MASTERS Program offers dual credit courses through Santa Fe Community College – courses that earn both high school and college credit simultaneously.  Dual credit classes have been designated by the state and are offered as part of the regular SFCC curriculum.  Students who wish to participate in dual credit must take a placement test at SFCC to demonstrate proficiency; scores will determine course placement and eligibility.  TMP students may also take college courses not designated as dual credit.  TMP reserves the right to disapprove college course enrollment based on prior student performance.

Many of the dual credit classes that are offered will be on the matrix of transferable courses (found on the New Mexico Higher Education website or marked by an asterisk in the SFCC catalog) and will transfer to New Mexico colleges and universities. Out of state colleges may or may not accept credits earned at SFCC; students will need to make inquiries at the colleges they apply to.

Associate Degrees and Certificates

SFCC has a number of associate degrees and certification programs, each with its own list of required courses. TMP students hoping to receive an associate’s degree or certificate as well as a high school diploma will first need to test into the appropriate courses and then take all of the courses required for the degree. It is important to see the TMP Director of Guidance to make sure your course of studies is correct. TMP reserves the right to deny dual credit registration to SFCC courses if we feel that the course load is too high and the student has not demonstrated the ability to carry such a load.