What We’re Reading Now…

Click for reactions from students in Scott Hauenstein’s English 2:

“The book I am reading in my class is the graphic novel  Maus, by Art Spiegelman. The main character, Vladek, tells his son the story of his life under the Nazis during World War II. This book is interesting. It is exciting and keeps you locked in the story. It keeps you wondering what will happen next in his story. It gives a creative twist as it uses cats and mice instead of humans to represent the Nazis and the Jews. I enjoyed reading this book!”

“The book Maus: A Survivor’s Tale is a moving story that helped me see the terrible acts of the Holocaust in a whole new light.  It gave me a first person view of one of the lowest points in human history and it affected me deeply.”

“After reading the graphic novel Maus, I was shocked and sad knowing what the Jews had to go through. I could only imagine something happening like that to me and the struggle it would be for me. I thought it was amazing how the main character in the book, Vladek, kept his faith by staying strong and not giving up his faith. It brought up emotions like sadness and anger, and I was disturbed to see the impact it had, not only on the individual, but the family as a whole. The Nazis ruined relationships in the future. For example, Vladek’s son, Artie, is affected by his Dad’s relationship with his past  because Vladek is scarred for life.”

“This novel impacted my understanding of the world and how warfare has effects on both sides in the conflict and ruins relationships and lives. People in Germany were going through struggles and the country was weak. Then Hitler came along and said he would change things and blinded some of the people with false information. I think it is unbelievable how a leader can have control of a country and kill 6 million people and lie. It shows us that we have to be aware of leaders around in our nation and the world and know what’s right and what’s wrong.”

“This book impacted my understanding of the world because it has taught me how the Jews were treated during World War II and how the Holocaust impacted their lives.”

“The graphic novel Maus is a very interesting novel. It taught me about some moments that I would have never known about Germany during the 1940’s and the concentration camps.  Also the story is put in a very easy form for me to read and to understand. I would recommend this graphic novel if you are interested in personal stories.”

“I read Maus and I can honestly say I am very lucky and blessed to not have been born in those times. It makes me extremely sad reading this book knowing that so many people went through hell. Now I am afraid this could happen in America to everyone who is not American. I fear for my life and my family’s as we are currently living in fear of being deported. This book was so personal and very detailed it really makes me sad and scared at the same time.”

“Maus, a graphic novel about World War II and the Holocaust, has really shined some light into my history. I am German and Hispanic, and it is nice to know more about how my German side of history went down. It has helped me understand and actually visualize more of my past.”