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Modern World History -- Spring 2016

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Welcome to your world! In this course on Modern World History, we'll trace the transformation of human civilization from the Age of Exploration to today's Age of Globalization. We'll look at the social, political, economic, technological and cultural revolutions that made the world we live in today. We'll examine critical turning points and change makers through a variety of sources (books, films, maps, presentations); small and large group discussion; peer teaching and team work; and hands-on projects and activities. All written assignments have revision opportunities to learn from our mistakes and to create deeper meaning within our work.

To access the textbook, "World History for Us All", go to
and look for Big Era 7

Check out the calendar at the right for assignments and due dates.

Check out the "Course Requirements" and "Course Outline" above for a full description of the course content and class expectations.

Weekly Work and Information

Week 1: Jan 19-22

Review of the Enlightenment Revolutions

Colonization of Africa

Week 2: Jan. 25 - 28

Continue study of Africa


Countries of Africa

BBC Africa Country Profiles

Week 3 Feb 1-4

Africa Then and Now: “Postcards from Africa” Project

Mon & Tues:  Research and create postcards

Wed: Present postcards

Thu: Read and Annotate “Colonial Encounters”

Week 4 Feb 8-12

Global effects of the Industrial Revolution

Week 5: Feb 15-18

Big Era 7: “Economic Trends”

Japan under the Shoguns

Week 6: Feb 22-26

In Search of History Samurai Warriors

Europe and Japan before WWI

Karl Marx and the Communist Manifesto


Week 7: Feb 29-Mar 4

Build up to World War I and WWI

Week 8: Mar 7-10

World War News Stories

Week 9: Mar 21-24

World War I

Finish News Stories

Watch “All Quiet on the Western Front”

Week 10: Mar 28-31

World War I: Treaty of Versailles and Aftermath

Between the Wars: China  under Attack, Japanese Imperialism in Asia and the Pacific, and the rise of  Nazi Germany

Week 11: Apr 11-14

Build up to WW2

Russian Revolution

Rise of Nazi Germany

Rise of Imperial Japan

Week 12: Apr 18-21

World War II

Week 13: Apr 25-29

World War II and Outcomes

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