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Physical Science

Important Class Files:
Weekly Work and Information

Week 1

Homework Tues:  Watch Khanacademy video and fill out worksheet

Get syllabus signed

Extra Credit:  Write a 5 sentence paragraph on “Who was Heisenberg?”

Homework Wed:  Read pages 629-632 then on page 633 answer questions 1-3


Week 2

HW: Read pages 638- 641 in Activity 2.  Make a vocabulary list with definitions of all bolded words Make a drawing of the different phase changes of water like the one on page 641

Activity 2

Week 3

Monday:  Complete Chemistry wordsearch and crossword.  On worksheet, put the correct chemistry word next to each definition.

Chemistry wordsearch and crossword

chem words worksheet

week 4

Due Tuesday (2/9):  Read pages 669-670 in Chapter 10 activity 6.  Type 5 major points from the reading.  Be prepared to discuss the reading in class.

Chapter 10 activity 6

Thursday:  Watch the video Hunting the Elements and complete the worksheet.  hunting the elements worksheet

Week 5

Tuesday-  Complete the 1st page of the sem 2 quick review for Wed

sem 2 quick review

Week 6

Tuesday (Due Wednesday):  Complete Lewis dot structure worksheet.  You only need to do every-other in each section.  Like A,C,E…

Week 7

Monday (Due Tuesday):  Complete Ion and Covalent bonding worksheet

Bonding workseet

3/21 - 3/25

Homework Monday-

Complete the fill in the blank part of the Heat transfer worksheet, 1-17.    heat transfer lesson

Homework Tuesday-

Complete all of the heat transfer worksheet.  Heat transfer worksheet

Wednesday in class-  Complete the heat loss in a house activity and complete the poster.  heat loss in a house activity


4/2 - 4/5

Monday:  Complete review ion, isotope, and bonding worksheet (Due Tuesday)

ion isotope and bonding review

Tuesday:  Complete the heat transfer review activities (Due Wednesday)

Heat Transfer Review

Sci Tech

Important Class Files:
Weekly Work and Information

Week 1

Homework Thursday: (Due Tuesday 1-26) Make a sketch of a windmill blade that you will design on Solidworks.  Give dimensions and ideally a 3D perspective.  Research windmill blade designs for ideas.


Tutorial Videos:

Windmill blade


week 2

Week 4

Here are the models that are due on Thursday:

Basic windmill blade


Your own basic blade design

Airfoil blade design

Competition blade design-  must be a unique design, it has to work, and the post on the blade needs to be 0.3cm radius.  For extra points it must be an airfoil shape and/or have a unique spindle design.


Week 6

Tuesday (Due Thursday):  Summarize article handed out in class.  Complete energy worksheet.

3/22 - 3/24

Complete the project progress worksheet for Thursday.

Project Progress Report


Energy transfer project is due on Tuesday 4/19.  See rubric for details.

Sci Tech Energy Transfer rubric


Important Class Files:
Weekly Work and Information

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Important Class Files:

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Weekly Work and Information

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