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U.S. History

Important Class Files: Pacing Guide U.S. History Syllabus

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Weekly Work and Information

Week 1 - Aug. 21-24

Reconstruction and African American History – A textbook perspective.

Texts:  America: A Narrative History Ch. 16.  Read 700-719; 719 to 741

Civil War Review and Introduction to Reconstruction

Reading Check Chapter 16 – Page 700-719 Name _______________________ 10pts

Week 2 August 28-31

Monday/Tuesday  Aug.28/29

We will be writing a 2-3 page reaction to the successes/failures of Reconstruction. The essay will be started in class using your thesis statement from your homework.

Essays will be shared with me on GoogleDocs and you will have the opportunity to revise.

Homework will be to read pages 749-771 and complete the Spider Web Organizer.


Week 3 Sept. 5-7

24 Hour News Cycle – How news can create history.  Your group of 4 will brainstorm and prepare a 5-minute news story on an assigned topic.

Homework – Read pages 771-795.  Take notes on section headings (Republicans and Big Business, Organized Labor, strikes, violence, etc.)

Week 4 Sept. 11-14

We will be focusing on two aspects of The New South and The New West.  Chapter 17.

We will be focusing on major issues during this period (1865-1900)
1. The failings of the New South
a. Southern Poverty
b. The Crop-Lien System
c. Falling Cotton prices.
2. Race Relations during the 1890s
a. Disfranchising of African Americans
b. The Spread of Segretation
c. Mob Rule in North Carolina
3. The Black Response
a. Ida B. Wells
b. Booker T. Washington
c. W.E.B. DuBois

We will be working with two speeches (one each by DuBois and Washington) and create a Structured Academic Controversy where will answer the following question: What leaders thinking was more conducive to progress for African Americans at that time and place.

A short, one-page reaction will be due by the end of the week.

booker t washington

The Talented Tenth

Washington and DuBois

A 1-2 page paper responding to Washington and DuBois will be assigned.  It is due Sept. 15th.  The Thursday class will begin writing the paper in class on Sept. 14th.

Black Response

Bonus Credit – 5 bonus credit points will be offered for designing a plan representing the best of Washington’s and DuBois’ strategies for change.  dubois washington bonus answer

The Indian Question –

After Reconstruction ended attention focused on Westward expansion.  Settlers began moving west for greater opportunities.  This created conflict when settlers began moving onto lands reserved for Native Americans.

Two major events occurred during this time period (1865-1890).

  1. The Sand Creek Massacre
  2. Battle of Little Bighorn.

We will be looking at these events as well as begin work on a group project to correct some of the bias often found in US History textbooks.

Classwork and Homework will be as follows:

  1. Analysis of the Battle of Little Bighorn from the perspective of a US History textbook. Battle of Little Bighorn1
  2. The Dawes Act dawes act
  3. (Group Project due 9/25 – 9/26) The Indian Question – Class group project

Week 6 Sept. 25-28

The Gilded Age – The period from the end of the Civil War to the beginning of the 20th century was noted for the widening social, economic, and political gap.  This week we will be covering Chapter 19 (page 846-893).

To assist in your reading you will be asked to complete the following outline for Chapter 19.  Skill:  Skim for understanding.  Find the essential idea for each heading in the outline.

For example:

Political Culture in the Gilded Age: a corrupt era with a high level of public participation in politics and conflict between city and  country. CHAPTER 19 OUTLINE

Answer at least three (3) questions at the end of the outline.

Video of the Gilded Age and worksheet


Worksheet: Gilded Age Video Response

Week 7 Oct. 2-5

We are beginning chapter 20 – the U.S. becomes and imperialist nation.

Outline Chapter 20 – and answer the 2-paragraph response for Wednesday/Thursday class. Chapter 20 outline

We will also be working on the poem by Rudyard Kipling – White Man’s Burden in addition to political cartoons of the era.

U.S. in the Philippines Timeline

Philippine-American War Political Cartoon Graphic Organizer_0

Philippine-American War Political Cartoon (2)


Week 8 Oct. 9-12

Midterm Paper –  Based on your notes and knowledge of the period of US history between 1865 and 1900, what event was a major turning point in our history?  What event developed America’s sense of accomplishment, identity and importance as a nation coming into its own after the Civil War.

The paper is 3-5 pages, MLA format.  In text citations required.  Submit by Google Docs.

The paper is due Friday, Oct. 13th at 4pm.  It is worth 100 points.  Turning points in 19th Century American History 1865

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