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English 2

Important Class Files:
Weekly Work and Information

Week 3 September 6-8

This week we will be starting Antigone.  This Greek play by Sophocles is one of his “Theban” plays, three tragedies that focus on the fate of the city-state Thebes during and after the reign of the mythical King Oedipus.  In the play, Antigone;s two brothers killed each other in battle.  Antigone wants to honor each of them, but her uncle, Creon, the new king has forbidden it.  In the passage we will be reading, Antigone ask her sister, Ismene, for help.

We will be reading the introduction to the play from Bernard Knox’s introduction.

Homework will be assigned and will be on the calendar.

Week 5 September 19-22

Monday – Sept. 19.  Peer edit your in class essay on  the argument:  By burning the flag, kneeling during the national anthem, burning draft cards, protesting military funerals, or (fill in your own protest), a citizen is/is not fulfilling his or her civic duty.   The essay was assigned in class and you will be peer editing and submitting a final draft.

Tuesday Sept. 20.  StudySync:  The Whisperers First Read.  Using the backdrop of Stalinist Russia, we will examining a first person account of the years Stalin was in power.  Complete the First Read.

Wednesday Sept 21.  Study Sync:  The Whisperers Close Read.  We will dive deeper in the text and will compare The Whisperers with Fahrenheit 451.  Submit your think questions and writing prompt.

Thursday Sept. 22:  With your knowledge of Utopian and Dystopian worlds, write a version of your own. utopia-to-dystopia



Week 6 - Sept. 25-29

Monday – Sept 26.  Finish you Dystopia story.

Tuesday – Sept. 27.  First Read – Study Sync.  Animal Farm.

Wednesday – Sept. 28  Animal Farm. Close read.  Skill:  Theme.


Week 7: Oct. 3-6

Monday – Oct. 3.  Read “Remarks to the Senate in Support of a Declaration of Conscience”.  This is also available in StudySync.  We will not be answering the think questions online.  You will be annotating the text and answering specific questions from the worksheet.

Tues. Oct 4th & Wednesday Oct. 5th.

We will be working on research project based on the essential question: What does it take to challenge the rules? what-does-it-take-to-challenge-the-rules

Thursday – Oct. 6th.  Presentations.  You and your group will have 5-7 minutes to present your research.

Week 8 Oct. 10-13

Literary Analysis Essay –

This will be your final assignment for the unit Taking a Stand.  You will be writing a Literary Analysis essay based on two selections we have have read during this unit. The essay focuses on the prompt: When is it appropriate to challenge the rules?  We will have time in class on Tuesday and Wednesday to plan, organize and write the essay.

literary-analysis  a powerpoint on literary analysis

outline-for-essay  we will use this graphic organizer for our essay

literary-analysis-essay  this has the prompt

Week 9 Oct. 17 - 20

Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi

We will be reading the graphic novel, Persepolis.  This is the true story of a young girl growing up in Iran during the Iranian Revolution.  The reading schedule is very tight and we will not be spending more than two weeks on the novel.  Keep up with the reading assignments and homework!

Due Tuesday, Oct. 18: Read to page 53 and complete the vocabulary worksheet.

Wednesday, Oct. 19: Read to page 71.  Short quiz on the reading.  Read The Secret Garden by Azadeh Moveni 0734_001 [click here to open]

We reviewed how to create a Literal, Inferential and Evaluative question from the reading.

Thursday we will be writing our own Eye Opening Experience by making a list of 5 Eye Opening Experiences and creating an outline to write about one of those experiences.

Week 11

Monday – Oct. 31st.  We will be working on Study Sync this week, focusing on Frankenstein.  The Essential Question is: What responsibility do we have for what we create?   Assignments will be posted in ConnectEd, StudySync.

Tuesday – Nov. 1st.  Complete your paragraph summaries and annotations for class.  We will be able to work on your think answers in class.

Week 12 - Nov. 7-10

Monday, Nov. 7th.

Blast on the Election – Write a 200 word response briefing us on how president’s are elected.  (5 pts.)

Tuesday, Nov. 8th.  – Write a letter to the presidential candidate.  See attached outline.  Letter is due before class on Wednesday.letter-to-president

Thursday – Nov. 10th.  Blast response on Chemical Control.  Choose a research link with your partner and answer the following questions:

  • What inferences did you make as you read?
  • What did you learn about this “big idea” from reading this research?
  • How did this help you to better understand the topic?
  • What questions does your group have after exploring this link?
  • What are the key points?

Submit a 200 word response.  Google doc is acceptable.

U.S. History

Important Class Files:
Weekly Work and Information

Week 3. September 6 & 8

This week we will be finishing up with efforts to reconstruct the south.  The Radical Republicans and Andrew Johnson face off in Congress to see who will have influence over how the south is rebuilt after the Civil War.

We will begin using our text America: A Narrative History to help us answer the essential question:  How did the South survive the Civil War.

In addition to looking into how Sharecropping helped (and hurt) the south, you will be required to complete the following notes: Reconstructing the South after the Civil War – Google Docs

Use this outline to get answers from the text.

Sept. 19-22

Tuesday Sept. 20.  Finish presentations from Thursday and present with your group.  Take notes about these captains of commerce.

Thursday Sept. 22 – Discussion about the Working Class during the Gilded age (End of Civil War until WWI.  The rise of the working class, unions, strikes and socialism as an answer to the Robber Barons and Captains of Industry.  Question:  How did the Gilded Age affect the prosperity and fortunes of your average American Citizen.

Be able to answer the questions on the following sheet: big-business-and-organized-labor-name

Sept. 27. Sept. 29

Tuesday. Sept. 27.  Native Americans/ Battle of Little Big Horn.

Who was responsible for the Battle of Little Big Horn?  Using three primary documents, and information from the Tyndall textbook, we will determine how expansion in to the west after the Revolutionary War and up through the the Civil War led to genocide of many native Americans.

Wednesday. Sept. 29.

Oct. 4th Week 7

Tuesday, Oct. 4th.  Group assignment on the Haymarket Incident (Riot).  Using primary sources we will be looking at anarchist Albert Parsons and others convicted of crimes after the Haymarket Riot in Chicago.  The essential question is: Was Albert Parsons a dangerous man?

He was hanged on November 11, 1887.


Thursday, Oct. 6th.  We will be looking at speeches and documents by W.E.B. DuBois and Booker T. Washington, relating their views and differences on how lead African-Americans out of post-slavery America.


0691_001  Open this document to read the speeches and writings of both influential African-American leaders.


Week 8 Oct. 11th Oct. 13

Wrapping up the quarter by your demonstration of knowledge.  Choosing one of the major topics of the growing pains the United States faced after the restoration of the Union, you will show how we developed into an agricultural and urban-industrial nation state.

We will have two working days to complete the assignment.  Open the document Growing Pains Project to get started. autorecovery-save-of-gilded-age-projects

Week 9 - Oct. 18th and 20th.

Tuesday, Oct. 18th.  Gilded Age presentations.  Short response on Gilded Age after presentations.

Wednesday, Oct. 20th. Begin Modern America.  The United States enters the 20th Century by becoming more involved world politics and international politics. Are we to remain isolationists and not intervene in world politics or can we shape world politics?

Week 11 - Nov. 1st. Nov. 3rd.

Modern America – The nation is on the threshold of modernity. By the 1900s we expand our military presence around the globe including Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Philippines and Guam largely due to our defeat of Spain.

Tuesday. Nov. 1st.  War in the Philippines.  The US defeats Spain and faces another encounter against rebels in the Philippines who wanted liberation from Spain yet were against the United States new form of imperialism.

Week 12 - Nov. 8 Nov. 10

Letter to Theodore Roosevelt. Theodore Roosevelt transformed the role of the United States.  After 1898 the US emerged as a world power largely through the efforts of Roosevelt.  Your task is to write him a letter concerning his conduct of foreign affairs during that time.  Use the attached outline to help you draft the letter.  The letter is due Thursday before class. letter-to-president-roosevelt

Thursday, Nov. 10th.  Offer an explanation on what happened during the current election.  Prepare a 5 slide powerpoint presentation explaining how the outcome of the election was different from the predictions.  explaining-the-election

Week 16: December 5-8

Monday:  Sentence Composing for High School.  Skill 1:  The Appositive Phrase.  Appositives are noun phrases that identify adjacent nouns.  We will be working on identifying these phrases and writing out own.

Tuesday:  Sentence Composing workbook.  Skill 2:  Participle Phrase.  Participles describe nouns or pronouns.  Present and past participles will be discussed.

Wednesday:  Combing Appositives, Past Participles and Prepositional Phrases.  Working with a partner, you will be creating a piece of sudden fiction [flash fiction] using a variety of phrases from the Sentence Composing book.  The flash fiction can be short – 2-3 paragraphs.

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