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English 2 Spring 2018

Important Class Files:

This course is designed to improve your skills in reading, writing, speaking, and vocabulary. The literature will align with world history, so we will travel to all continents, reading across genres.

Weekly Work and Information

week of 1/15

Journal 1: creative fictional response to Ringling Bros. ad: 

read: “The Leap” by Louise Erdrich: the_leap_erdrich

grammar: grammar eng 2 q 3

Week of 1/22

Journal 2: Write a character description of this man:

Vocab list for quiz:





















Grammar: troublesome verbs, pronoun cases (see grammar pdf for first week)

Week of 1/29

Journal #3: Bakery Counter

read/discuss: Colum McCann “What Time is it”what time mccan


short stories due 1/31SHORT STORY assignment

Thursday:  Colum McCann visit Extra credit (11:30 rm 320)

Vocab/ Gram Quiz 1: pronoun cases

Debate: Should schools have dress codes

Vocab Flashcards

(note: definitions may be slightly different on actual test)

grammar flashcards

short story wksht

week of 2/5

Journal #4 – Analyze this painting: look for a theme that can be supported with evidence from the painting (i.e. symbolism, imagery)

death and the woodcutter

week of 2/12

Journal #5: Analyze this music video:

Grammar: Pronoun-Antecedent agreement (see week one grammar guide)

Finish “The Third and Final Continent” from Passages

Vocab Gram Quiz 2: Agreement (Wednesday)

Read: “A Hidu to His Body” poem A.K. Ramanujan

Journals 1-5 due (Thursday)


week of 2/19

rough draft of analytical paper due Wednesday. Rubric:Rubric analysis paper 10

analysis paper

Grammar: end marks and commas

Journal 6: “Ode to Joy” analysis

here are some critiques of the various short stories we have read: the leap crit forgotten children crit Interpreter of maladies crit Jumpa Lahiri Indian Diaspora

You Are Happy? | The New Yorker

Pop-Up Debate Topic: Should we use genetic engineering for human health and food?

Go to:, choose “issues and controversies,” search for genetic engineering

New Mexico History Spring 2018

Important Class Files: NM History Project

This course is intended to increase your understanding of New Mexico history, especially how people and events of New Mexico have influenced United States and world history since statehood.

Journal Grading:
Handwriting – readable or typed
Responses- addresses question, brings in personal life experience and/or relevant anecdotes
Length – 1 to 3/4 page
Mechanics – attention is paid to spelling, grammar, capitalization, & punctuation. Perfection is not expected, but points will be taken away if mechanical problems obscure meaning.

*Scoring is holistic 1-10pts each.

Journals 1-5:
Journal 1: why history matters to each student as an individual, OR what is your history with New Mexico?

Journal 2: What do you think were the most important factors in delaying statehood for New Mexico?

Journal 3: Do you think the selection of state symbols such as the state flag, bird, song, cookie, etc., shapes how we think of ourselves and how we understand our history?

Journal 4:Controversy over the U.S.–Mexico border continues to this day. In what ways do you think Pancho Villa’s raid shaped American opinions about border issues? OR Is it wrong, or at least hypocritical, to fight for democracy, while at the same time taking away freedoms from the enemy at home?

Journal 5: In what ways may art be used to understand history?

Weekly Work and Information

week of 1/15

Journal 1: why does history matter to you as an individual? or what is your history with New Mexico?

week of 1/22

Week of 1/29

week of 2/5

NM Hist Reading Guide 3-2

Travel brochure template

Grading (1-10 pts. each):

neatness/organization/use of space (front and back),

factual information,

consideration of audience,

persuasive purpose,

use of images

Presentation ch. 2:nm hist ch 2.pptx

week of Feb 12

Monday: Journal 5:  In what ways may art be used to understand history? (View: Moonrise over Hernandez, NM)

NM History ch. 3 (1920s) presentation: Untitled presentation

Homework: work on travel brouchures (Due Monday 19th)


Reading Guide:


week of 2/19

Monday: Quiz over chapters 2 and 3

see flashcards

Pop-Up Debate: Should New Mexicans celebrate Fiestas (including Zozobra and the pet parade) the way we do?

On eve of Entrada, director doesn’t see…t | Local News |

Dominance in SF Fiestas

Zozobra website

More Resources:

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