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English 3

Important Class Files: English 3 Syllabus

American Literature Class. We focus on building writing and reading skills as well as study classic American favorites.

Weekly Work and Information

Week 1 (Jan 19-22)

Tuesday, Jan 19

Objective: Intro to English 3 and The Bluest Eye.

Hw: Read pg 11-31 in the Bluest Eye and create 1 discussion question.

If you were absent, see Hillary for a copy of the text.

Thursday, Jan 21

Objective: Discuss the first section in regard to gender, beauty standards, race, and seasonal metaphors.

HW: read pg 31-37

Week 2 (Jan 25-29)

Tuesday, Jan 26

Objective: Analyze Kendrick Lamar’s album in relation to the internalized racism in The Bluest Eye

Hw: Read pg. 37-59


Thursday, Jan 28

Objective: Continue analysis of music and it’s relevance to The Bluest Eye

HW: Analytical Essay Project Kendrick Lamar Essay

Black is Beautiful -powerpoint

Week 3 (Feb1-5)

Tuesday, Feb 2

Objective: Revise Essays Revision checklist

HW: Read to pg 81

Thursday, Feb 4

Objective: Discuss “Winter”

HW: Final Draft of Essays due Tuesday Kendrick Lamar Essay

Week 4 ( Feb 8-12)

Tuesday, Feb 9

Final Draft of essays due with edited revisions and lyric analysis

HW: read to pg 94 and vocab sheet Vocab worksheet

Vocab powerpoint


Thursday, Feb 11

HW: Read to pg 110 and vocab sentence

Vocab hw

Week 5 (Feb 15-19)

Tuesday, Feb 16

Hw: Read to page 132


Thursday, Feb 18

HW: Read to page 165

Week 6 (feb 22-26)

Tuesday, Feb 23

HW: read to pg 187 and bring booklets to class

Revisions due friday


Thursday, Feb 25

HW: Prepare for in-class essay on Tuesday In Class Essay-Morrison Rubric

Week 7 (Feb 29-March 4)

Tuesday, March 1

In-Class Essay



Thursday, March 3

HW: type essay revisions. Due Tuesday

Week 8 (March 7-11)

Tuesday, March 8

HW: Accuplacer Worksheets


Thursday, March 10

HW: Accuplacer Practice tests- report back number taken

phone app:

video tutorials and practice exams:

Week 9 (March 21-24)

Tuesday, March 22

11:30-12:50 class takes Accuplacer test

hw: none


Thursday, March 24

9:10-10:30 and 2:30-3:50 Classes take Accuplacer

HW: none

Week 10 (March 28-April 1)


Tuesday, March 29

In Class: Intro to Harlem Renaissance

Hand out: guided notes harlem renaissancce

Powerpoint: harlem renaissance

Lindy Hop Essay:

Homework: Take notes on your assigned artist.

Museum Exhibit Rubric:


Week 11 (April 4-8)

Tuesday, April 5

Finish Museum Exhibit Project


Thursday, April 7

Museum Exhibit

HW: read chapters 1 and 2 of The Great Gatsby

Week 12 (April 11-April 15)

Tuesday, April 12

Hw: Read Gatsby Chapter 3

Thursday, April 14

In class: Reading quiz

HW: read Gatsby Chapter 4

Week 13 (April 18-22)

Tuesday, April 19

Figurative language and discussion

HW: read chapter 5

Thursday, April 21

watch and analyze film

HW: read chapter 6

Week 14 (April 25-29)

Tuesday, April 26

In class: Book Covers

HW: read chapter 7


Thursday, April 28

In Class: Discussion of class and economics

HW: read chapter 8

Week 15 (May 2-6)

Tuesday, May 3

hw: read chapter 9


Thursday, May 5

hw: none

week 16 (May 9-13)

Tuesday, May 10

In class: write intros and outlines

HW: rough draft due Thursday

The Great Gatsby Final Essay

Gatsby Outline


Thursday, May 12

In class: revise essays.

HW: Essays due Monday

English 4

Important Class Files: English 4 Syllabus

Welcome to senior English. We will be reading Brave New World, The Merchant of Venice, and an assortment of works from Pablo Neruda. Students will build reading and writing skills as they analyze these various writing mediums.

Weekly Work and Information

Week 1 (Jan 19-22)

Monday, Jan 18: MLK Holiday


Wednesday, Jan 20:

Objective: Intro to English 4 and intro to Brave New World.

Hw: Chapter 1 of Brave New World

If you were absent, see Hillary for a copy of the text

Week 2 (Jan 25-29)

Monday, Jan 25

Objective: Analyze Huxley’s influences

HW: finish research power points

Wednesday, Jan 27

Objective: Analyze Huxley’s influences

HW: Read Chapter 2

Week 3 (Feb 1-5)

Monday, Feb 1

Objective: Discuss chapter 2 and practice first 5 vocab words BNW Vocabulary List

Hw: Read chapter 3

Wednesday, Feb 3



Week 4 (Feb 8-12)

Monday, Feb 8

Objective: Discuss Chapter 3 and begin Dystopian Exercise

HW: Read Mustapha Mond dialogue and answer the first page of Utopia-Dystopia Exercise

Wednesday, Feb 10

HW: Rough draft of Utopia/Dystopia Chapter due

Dystopian Guidelines

BNW synthesis


Week 5 (Feb 15-19)

Monday, Feb 15

Due: Rough draft

Homework: Make flash cards of the next five words and final draft of dystopian world due Wednesday BNW Vocabulary List


Wednesday, Feb 17

Objective: Present Chapters on your own new world. Analyze/Discuss with partners

Homework: Using another person’s initial chapter, write chapter 2. Rough draft due Monday

Week 6 (feb 22-26)

Monday, Feb 22

HW: Chapter 2 due Wednesday (2+ pgs)

Wednesday, Feb 23

Snow Delay: Chapter 2 due Monday

Week 7 (Feb 29-March 4)

Monday, Feb 29

HW: read chapter 4


Wednesday, March 2

HW: read chapter 5 and take Cornell notes. Quiz Tuesday

Week 8 (March 7-11)

Monday, March 7

HW: Read Chapter 6


Wednesday, March 9

HW: Read chapter 7 and 8


Quiz Revisions due Friday

Week 9 (March 21-24)

Monday, March 21

Hw: read chapters 9 and 10


Wednesday, March 23

HW: read chapters 11 and 12

Week 10 (March 28-April 1)

Monday, March 28: No Class-Parent Conferences


Wednesday, March 29

In class: Open book quiz on chapters 11 and 12

HW: read chapter 13

Week 11 (April 4-8)

Monday, April 4


HW: Read Chapter 14


Wednesday, April 6

Book Covers in Class

HW: Read chapter 15

Week 12 (April 11-15)

Monday, April 11

HW: Read Chapter 16


Wednesday, April 13

HW: Read Chapter 17

Week 13 (April 18-22)

Monday, April 18

In class: Debate

HW: Finish Brave New World


Wednesday, April 20

In class: Discussion on entire book and begin essay

HW: work on essay

BNW essay topics

Week 14 (April 25-29)

Monday, April 25

In class: work on essay

HW: Essay due wednesday


Wednesday, April 27

In class: Analyze and watch Act 1 of Merchant of Venice

HW: complete packet

MOV Act 1 Guided notes

Week 15 ( May 2-6)

Monday, May 2

Act 2

HW: packet MOV Act 2 Guided notes

Wednesday, May 4

Act 3

HW: packet

week 16 (May 9-13)

Monday, May 9th

In class: Act IV

HW: prepare for debate


Wednesday, May 11th

In class: Debate

HW: Essay due Monday

The Merchant of Venice Final Essay

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