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English 3

Important Class Files:

In this class we work on reading and writing skills as well as study classic American Literature.

Weekly Work and Information

Week 1

Tuesday, August 23

Objective: Use Mosaic Essay as a model to write a personal narrative about yourself. Mosaic college essay

HW: Finish personal essay


Thursday, August 25

Objective: Revise Essays

HW: Final draft due Tuesday

Week 2 (August 28-Sep 2)

Tuesday, August 29

Objective: strengthen vocab and pronoun usage

HW: make vocab cards and study. Finish vocab packet

Grammar and vocab quiz on Thursday.

pronoun packet

Vocab 1


Thursday, Sep 2

Objective: Learn how to structure a thesis using complex sentences

Homework: thesis-guided-notes in order to complete hw you may need to see Hillary to get the powerpoint


week 3 (Sep 5-9)

Tuesday, Sep 6

Objective: review pronouns

HW: get the pronoun packet from Hillary


Thursday, Sep 8

Objective: learn comma rules

HW: guided-notes-commas

week 4 (sep 12-16)

Tuesday, Sep 13

Objective: Outlines

HW: outline-hw


Thursday, Sep 15

Objective: In class Essay

Week 5 (Sep 19-23)

Tuesday, Sep 20

Objective: Revise Essays

Hw: revised, typed essays due Thursday

Thursday, Sep 22

Objective: Intro to the Pearl

HW: finish chapter 1 and study for Vocab quiz english-3-vocab-words

week 6 (sep 26-30)

Tuesday, Sep 27

Objective: Analyze Chapter 1

HW: read chapter 2 and fill out handout chapter-2-reading-question

Thursday, Sep 29

Objective: Analyze chapter 2

HW: read chapter 3 and fill out handout chapter-3-questions

Week 7 (Oct 3-7)

Tuesday, Oct 4

Substitute: Stephanie Schlanger

Objective: Make lit term packets


Thursday, Oct 6

Objective: Begin in class essay using lit terms to analyze The Pearl

HW: finish essay. Due Tuesday

week 8 (Oct 10-14)

Tuesday, Oct 11

Objective: Analyze chapters 1-3

HW: read chapter 4


Thursday, Oct 13

Objective: Analyze Steinbeck’s writing style in chapter 4

HW: read chapter 5

Week 9 (Oct 17-21)

Tuesday, Oct 18th

Objective: enhance vocab

HW: write one sentence per vocab word and read chapter 6


Thursday, Oct 20th

Objective: Discuss chapter 6 and CD project

HW: CD project (handout to come)

week 10 (Oct 24-28)

Tuesday, Oct 25

HW due: CD Project

Objective: Take Accuplacer test

HW: take accuplacer and give scores to Hillary if you missed class.

Thursday, Oct 27

Objective: Discuss and Analyze the theme: Carpe Diem

hw: write your own poem centered on carpe diem

week 11 (oct 31-nov 3)

Tuesday, Nov 1

Objective: Analyze O me O life by Walt Whitman

hw: poetry assignment on the beauty of life

Thursday, Nov 3

Objective: Analyze Ulysses by Alfred Lord Tennyson

hw: Analysis worksheet

Week 12 (Nov 7-11)

Tuesday, Nov 7

Objective: Dead Poets Society meeting

HW: analyze the excerpt from Walden

Thursday, Nov 9

Objective: Analyze Oh Captain My Captain

HW: write a poem about a leader you admire. Write it as an extended metaphor

week 13 (Nov 14-18)

Tuesday, Nov 15

Objective: Finish Film

HW: prepare for in class essay on Thursday dps-analytical-essay





Thursday, Nov 17

Objective: In class essay (rough draft)

HW: revise essay, final due Tuesday

week 14 (Nov 21-25)

Tuesday, Nov 22

Objective: Analyze Slam Poems

HW: Complete slam poem packet



Thursday, Nov 24

Thanksgiving- No Class

week 15 (Nov 28-Dec 2)

Tuesday, Nov 29

In class: Construct Slam Poetry deconstructing-slam-poetry

HW: Rough draft script

Thursday, Dec 1

In class: Revise Slam Poetry

HW: new draft of slam

week 16 (Dec 5-9)

Tuesday, Dec 6

Objective: Revise Slams slam-poetry-revision-checklist

Hw: new draft of slam

Thursday, Dec 8

Objective: Practice Poetry

HW: Poetry SLAM on Monday from 9-12 am

English 4

Important Class Files: Syllabus

First semester of English 4 will be writing intensive. Students will write college essays, analytical essay, op-eds, and perfect their resumes.

Weekly Work and Information

week 1 (Aug 22- 26)

Monday, August 22

Objective: review syllabus and class expectations. Begin discussion on privilege.


HW: write a personal essay about a time that you experienced privilege or became aware of the impact of privilege. Rough Draft Due Wednesday. 


Wednesday, August 24

Objective: peer edit essays for content

HW: Revise essays and type.  Due Monday

Week 2 (August 29-Sep 2)

Monday, August 29

Objective: peer revise essays

HW: Final Draft typed Essays Due Wednesday 



Objective: Discuss Jamaica Kincaid’s A Small Place and privilege

HW: Due Wednesday Sep 7

  1. Vocab Cards: Vocab 1

2. Grammar packet: grammar packet

3. Read: Night Owl by Anne Fadiman

4. Fill out Guided notes: Graphic Organizer for Reading Anne Fadiman’s Night Owl


week 3 (Sep 5-9)

Monday, Sep 5



Wednesday, Sep 7

Objective: analyze Night Owl and begin to brainstorm how to create our own familiar essays

HW: Read “Coffee” and use it as inspiration to think of your own topic to write a familiar essay (essays will be written next week in class) coffee

week 4 (Sep 12-17)

Monday, Sep 12

In class: review and compare outlines of Coffee and Night Owl. Go through Familiar essay Assignment. familiar-essay-assignment

HW: Bibliography due Wednesday (in assignment packet)

Wednesday, Sep 14

In class: research

HW: Outlines due Monday (in assignment packet)

week 5 (Sep 19-23)

Monday, September 19

Objective: turn outlines into essays

HW: 1st draft due Wednesday


Wednesday, Sep 21

Objective: Revise essays

HW: 2nd draft due Monday (along with outline and revised 1st draft)

week 6 (sep 26-30)

Monday, Sep 26

Objective: Create and analyze poetry about what it means to be alive

HW: extended deadline: Final essays due October 5

Wednesday, Sep 28

Objective: Anne Carson with Jody

Week 7 (Oct 3-7)

Monday, Oct 3

Objective: Anne Carson with Jody

HW: revised essays due Wednesday

Wednesday, Oct 5

Objective: Begin college essays

HW: 1 typed page for 3 major life events.



week 8 (Oct 10-14)

Monday, Oct 10

Objective: Peer review visual moments

HW: Choose 1 moment and put it into college essay outline form (see Hillary if you don’t know what this is)


Wednesday, Oct 12

Objective: Turn outlines in rough draft

HW: draft 1 due Monday

week 9 (Oct 17-21)

Monday, Oct 17th

Objective: Revise essays/individual consultations

HW: revise essays

Wednesday, Oct 19th

Objective: Revise essays/individual consultations

HW: revised essay due Tuesday

week 10 (Oct 24-28)

Monday, Oct 24

Objective: revise essays, begin brainstorming strengths for resumes

hw: take accuplacer and bring scores to Hillary


Wednesday, Oct 26

Objective: Lori will give a workshop on how to write effective resumes

HW: revise essays. completed draft due Monday

week 11 (oct 31-nov 3)

Monday, Oct 31

Objective: Work on Resumes

hw: finish resumes

Wednesday, Nov 2

Objective: Review expectations for Reading assignment

hw: 3 ideas worksheet and draft of essay

Week 12 (Nov 7-11)

Monday, Nov 7

Objective: discuss perspective in creative writing

HW: bring your book to class


Wednesday, Nov 9

Objective: Reflection

Create a readings schedule reading-schedule

Hw: Read novel

week 13 (Nov 14-18)

Monday, Nov 14

Objective: Analyze Much Ado about nothing

HW: study for vocab quiz and read


Wednesday, Nov 16

Objective: Vocab quiz and review analytical essay assignment english-4-analytical-essay-rubric

HW: prepare for in class essay on Monday

week 14 (Nov 21-25)

Monday, Nov 21

Objective: In class essay

HW: finish novel

Wednesday, Nov 23

No class- Thanksgiving break

week 15 (Nov 28-Dec 2)

Monday, Nov 28

Objective: Revise Analytical essay

HW: final draft due Wednesday


Wednesday, Nov 30

Objective: Research Day for Research essay independent-reading-research-essay

HW: Bibliography and Outline

week 16 (Dec 5-9)

Monday, Dec 5

Objective: Convert Outlines in Rough drafts

HW: rough draft due Wed

Wednesday, Dec 7th

Objective: Revise Rough Drafts

HW: Final drafts due Monday at 9am

History and Culture of Body Art

Important Class Files: Your Choice Essay Handout Religious Essay Handout Political Essay Handout
Weekly Work and Information

Week 1 (Aug 22-26)

Tuesday, August 23

Hw: get syllabus signed History and Culture of Body Art Syllabus

Thursday, August 25

Objective: Learn about the Pazyryk Culture



week 2 (Aug 29- Sep 2)

Tuesday, August 30

Objective: Begin to research proposal ideas

Handout: research-ideas

quiz: bell-ringer-ukok-quiz


Thursday, Sep 1

Objective: Egyptian tattoos

See Hillary to get the prezi


HW: proposal ideas due Tuesday

week 3 (Sep 5-9)

Tuesday, Sep 6

Objective: Create a display that synthesizes students knowledge of Pazyryk Tattoos



Thursday, Sep 8

Objective: Egyptian Makeup and Lab

Hw: begin research for proposal.

Week 6 (sep 26-30)

Tuesday, Sep 27

Objective: fill out outline in the Library

HW: outline and draft due October 4th

Thursday, Sep 29

Objective: watch film on Polynesian Tattoos

HW: draft and outline due Tuesday

Week 7 (Oct 3-7)

Tuesday, Oct 4

Objective: Revise Political essays

HW: final drafts due Thursday


week 8 (Oct 10-14)

Tuesday, Oct 11

Objective: Begin Religious/Cultural essay

HW: bibliography due Thursday


Thursday, Oct 13

Objective: Synthesize understanding of Polynesian tattoos through creating a classroom display

HW: Outline due Tuesday

Week 9 (Oct 17-21)

Tuesday, Oct 18

Objective: transfer outlines to rough draft

hw: rough draft due Thursday

Thursday, Oct 20

Objective: Begin Japan Exploration

HW: final draft due Tuesday

week 10 (Oct 24-28)

Tuesday, Oct 25

HW due: Religious essay due

Objective: Continue to analyze The Water Margin stories

Hw: none

Thursday, Oct 27

Objective: Japanese Tattoo Culture analysis

hw: 5 ideas of what to write about for “your choice” essay

week 11 (oct 31-nov 4)

Tuesday, Nov 1

Objective: Research for your choice essay

HW: bibliography due Thursday

Thursday, Nov 3

Objective: Japanese History

hw: outlines due Tuesday

week 12 (Nov 7-11)

Tuesday, Nov 8

Objective: Transfer outlines into rough drafts


Thursday, Nov 10

Objective: Discuss negative perceptions of Tattoos/ Revise rough drafts

HW: final draft due Tuesday

Week 13 (Nov 14-18)

Tuesday, Nov 15

Objective: Write methodology section of research essay methodology-explanation


HW: finish methodology section

Thursday, Nov 17

Objective: write abstract and conclusion for essay

HW: bring all essay revisions to class on Tuesday

Week 14 (Nov 21-25)

Tuesday, Nov 22

Objective: Revision workshop

hw: revise all essays


week 15 (nov 28- dec 2)

Tuesday, Nov 29

Objective: begin working on class projects


HW: work on presentation

Thursday, Dec 1

Objective: Finish working on presentations/projects

week 16 (dec 5-9)

Tuesday, Dec 6

Objective: presentations

HW: finalize essay


Thursday, Dec 8th

Objective: presentation

HW: finalize essay (Due Monday by email)

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