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Important Class Files:
Weekly Work and Information

Jan 19-22

We begin the year studying Human Heredity (C14).  This unit continues the unit on genetics, with a concentration on humans.

VW – C14, C15 are due Thursday (1/22)

Worksheet 14.1 is due 1/21

As part of this unit, students will do a research paper on a chosen genetic disorder.

Environmental Science

Important Class Files:
Weekly Work and Information

Jan 19 - Jan 22

We begin the year studying C15/C16 on Freshwater and Water Pollution.  These 2 chapters will be combined for a single test.

VW C15/16 – due Thursday (1/22) or (1/25)

Students will reviews the Santa Fe City website to answer questions in regards to the city’s water source and contaminants.  The questions for these will be due 1/26 or 1/27.

Students should be continuing their work on the scrapbook containing environmental science articles.  This activity was given to students before the Christmas holiday and will be due mid-February.

Students should also be working on the worksheet “Water loss: drop by drop” which will be due Thursday/Monday.

Students should also be picking up a copy of “Green Fire Times” for extra credit.  They may use any of the articles for their scrapbook.

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