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Physical Science

Important Class Files: Physical Science Fall Syllabus

In this course students will be introduced to two large disciplines of Physical Science- Physics and Chemistry. Through hands on activities students will explore scientific concepts and then apply them in a group project challenge at the end of each Chapter.

Weekly Work and Information

Week 1


Monday (Due Tuesday)

Read pages 8 and 9 “For you to Read: Inertia” and “Physics Talk”.          Click here

Write down 2 main points from each section. Define the word Inertia and give an example.

Get Syllabus signed by you and a parent/guardian and bring to class on Tuesday.


On page 13, answer questions 1,2,3, & 6


Complete lab write up, due Monday


Week 2

Read pages 18-20.  Summarize at least 10 main points from the reading.

Week 3


Finish Newton’s 2nd Law poster

Prepare group  mini-Challenge:  Present a 30 second sports cast using the physics concepts of inertia, and Newton’s 1st and 2nd law.


On page 23 & 24 answer questions 1,4,9,10,12,&18

Sep 14 - 17


On pages 48 & 49 answer questions 3,6,7,& 8


Read pages 40,41, & 42 “Physics Talk” and write down 5 main points from the reading.

9/21 - 9/24


Complete Force Jump worksheet


Complete Review worksheet


Study for test


Test 1


9/28 - 10/1


Complete momentum lab write up.  Click here for lab

10/5 - 10/8


Read pages 63-65 and write down 4 bullet points for each page that summarize the main points.  That is a total of 12 points.


Answer questions 1,3,5,7, and 11 on pages 67 & 68


10/12 - 10/15

Read pages 71 & 72.  Answer questions 1,2,& 5

10/19 - 10/23

Chapter Challenge Voice Over Due Thursday 10/22

10/26 - 10/29

Monday:  Write 10 bullet reflective bullet points from The Elegant Universe video

Thursday:  Complete 4 of the physics problems.  Show your work completely.  For extra credit complete additional problems.

physical science student problems

physical science student problems

11/2 - 11/5

Introduction to Waves Worksheet


Watch Khanacademy video on Intro to waves and complete worksheet


Watch Khanacademy video on Periodic waves and complete other side of intro to waves worksheet

11/9 - 11/13

Monday Homework:

Read pages 331-336 in making waves(click here for PDF)

Answer questions (3, 5, 7, 11, and 13) on page (337-339)


Finish vocabulary definitions

11/16-11/19 Look here for extra credit options

Extra Credit:  Go to STEM Series presentation Friday at 7pm in the Lecture Hall

Monday:  Study for quiz on Tuesday.  Review the first 2 activities in the waves unit form the following links.  making waves  and   c5a2

11/30 - 12/3

Monday:  Complete electromagnetic spectrum poster.  Turn in revisions to quiz by Tuesday.

Tuesday:  Turn in revisions to quiz

Scientific Technology

Important Class Files:

This is a project based course using emergent technologies to give students hands on experience exploring scientific theories and processes. Utilizing computer modeling, nanotechnology, microscopy, and 3D modeling, students will create an independent research project to address real life problems.

Current Homework:
Due Tuesday 9/1: Watch the 2 Khanacademy videos and take detailed notes to use on your quiz next Tuesday

scale of earth and sun and scale of solar system

Weekly Work and Information

week 2

Watch the 2 Khanacademy videos and take detailed notes to use on your quiz next Tuesday

scale of earth and sun and scale of solar system

Week 3


Finish solar system model

Sep 15-17


Read moon, eclipses, and tides hand out and fill out the worksheet.

10/6 - 10/8


Turn in Summary.

HW: Complete midterm review, Outline due Thursday

Sci Tech Midterm Review


Midterm, Outline Due

Midterm StarLogo model description.

Make a model in StarLogo with 3 different breeds of different sizes and color.   Make 10 of one breed, 20 of another, and 5 of the last breed. Have them scattered around randomly in space land. Make them move around in different ways. When the turtles collide with each other make one get bigger, one change color, and other die. Make some patches that are different colors. When the turtles enter the one color of patch have them go back to their original size or color and when one breed enters the other color have one it hatch a new breed.

10/20 - 10/22

Final paper due Thursday 10/22

10/27 - 10/29

Thursday:  Read handout on how an SFM (same thing as an AFM) works and highlight important parts.  Define 5 words that you did not know.  Write questions in the margin.

11/10 - 11/12

Tuesday Homework:

Write 12 bullet-points from  Virus article pages 381-383,  finish poster (due thursday)

Thursday Homework:

Complete virus worksheet where you will write a description of your virus and make a detailed drawing with labels.  Due Tuesday 11/24

Virus hw 11 19

12/1 - 12/3

Tuesday:  Virus History
Write a detailed paragraph of the history of your virus. The Paragraph needs to be at least 8 sentences long. In your write up include when the virus was discovered, who discovered it, where it was discovered, any significant advancements in the treatment of the virus, and the social impact. If any of these items are not known, then be sure to write that the information is unknown. Be sure this is true if you choose to write unknown. Write up needs to be typed. Also, be sure to cite all sources used, in proper MLA format, at the bottom of your write up.

Due Thursday 12/3

Thursday:  Write a detailed description of the Symptoms, Treatment and Transmission of your virus. Write-up needs to be at least 8 sentences long. Write up must be typed and include a works cited for all sources used in proper MLA format.
Due Tuesday Dec 8th

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