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English 2

Important Class Files: Syllabus Final Exam Schedule

Final Exam Schedule.
We will be having our English 2 Exam on Wednesday, December 17th in the 10-12am . Attendance is mandatory! The 1:15 and 10:20 am classes will meet in room 319. The 8am class will meet in room 318

We will be reading a speech by Malala Yousafzai was the youngest person to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. You can listen to her speech here:

this is the link to the whole speech:

Weekly Work and Information

Week 2 8/31 - 9/4

Your homework for Tuesday 9/1 will be the following:

  • Write a paragraph which has sentences containing two appositive phrases that identify two different objects [nouns], persons, or places within the same sentence. Each of the two phrases must be at least ten words long. [see example on page 11]

write the answer in your composition book.

  • Homework due 9/3
  • Read Maus through page 40.  Identify examples of literary terms within the text of Maus.  Use Vocabulary and Literary Terms worksheet.


Week 3 September 8-10

9/8 – We will be working on some in-class prompts regarding the Deception of Language.  Using the phrase Arbeit Mach Frei which appeared above the death camps in Auschwitz, the Nazis used language to deceive the Jews and other Europeans.  See the language of deception powerpoint for the writing prompts.  Write the prompts in your composition book.

Wednesday 9/9:  We will be reviewing of Literary Terms and finding examples in the text (Maus).  Continue with this for homework.   The second part of the class will be looking at examples of editorial cartoons and social justice.  We will examine the impact of these cartoons and how they are effective in urging people and nations to act.  Review the powerpoint to see examples of editorial cartoons. social justice

Week 4 September 14-17

maus writing rubric We are concluding our reading of Maus this week.  Our efforts will be shown in the creation of an essay pertaining to the book.  In short, we will be writing about the book.  An outline, draft and final copy will be due September 17th.  This is a major writing assignment. Be focused and prepared to work in class.

Week 5 September 21-24

This week we are finishing up our Maus essays.

Monday – May 21.  Peer edit papers with another student.  Discuss how you can improve your rhetoric and address the rhetorical triangle in your paper.

Tuesday – May 22.  Some work in the Grammar Book on delayed adjectives.

Wednesday – May 23.  Turn in your Maus essays.  These must be submitted at the beginning of class.

Thusday – Opening and delayed adverbs from the Grammar workbook. In-class writing assignment. You will be writing about a memorable experience using multiple examples of of opening/delayed adjectives and adverbs. You will be writing this in your composition books.  I will pick up your composition books at the end of class.



Week 6 September 28 - Oct 1

Latin American Literature:

We will be exploring the narrative forms and techniques of Latin American Literature.  We will be examining how the stories we will be reading do not have an explicit political or cultural statement but an be approached on their own terms.

  • Read A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings for Homework 9/29.  Take notes on the story and its relationship to magical realism. Be prepared to discuss in class.
  • Gabriel Garcia Marquez powerpoint Garcia Marquez & Realismo magico powerpoint.
  • A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings  A copy of the short story.
  • infographic-2a-very-old-man-with-enormous-wingse
  • 9/30 We will be working on an assignment in class identifying elements of magical realism in A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings as well as preparing for our own magical realistic story.
  • Homework for 10/1: Write A Magical Real Moment – A test of your abilities – 20ptsUsing your knowledge of Magical Realism, you will be tested on how well you understand the variety of elements used in creating a magically real fiction. Your story must contain the following: 4pts each 
    • Fantastical Elements (no dragons, please!)
    • Sensory details (smell, taste, touch, sound, sight)
    • Symbolism and imagery
    • Distortion or transformation at the end (old man grows wings and flies away…)
    • A crossing between the real world and the astral or non-physical world.
    • 1-page – write in your composition book. 

Week 7 October 5-8

Monday, Oct. 5th.  Assignment.  Comparing/Contrasting Marquez’s stories A Very Old Man and The Handsomest Drowned Man.  Homework: Write a paragraph comparing/contrasting the stories.  Use the graphic organizer.

Tuesday, Oct.5PSAT test prep.  We will be practicing for the PSAT.  The PSAT will be on October 14th.

Wednesday, Oct. 7th. Using the website

We will be looking at poems by Pablo Neruda, Chilean poet and Nobel Prize Winner.  Homework: Fill out the grid based on ten poems by Neruda. Neruda Poetry exercise and Neruda poem grid.  This will be the basis for writing your own Neruda Poem.

Thursday, Oct. 8th.  We will be solving our own problem of poetry by finding a theme (memory, forgetting, loss, love, etc) and writing a poem in the style of Neruda. This means discovering his common themes, style and approach to writing poems.

Week 8 Oct. 12-15

Monday, Oct. 12 –  Surrealist poetry. We will be looking at how the surrealist poetry movement began as a response to the horrors of WWI.  We will also be searching how this response is discovered in the writings of Jorge Luis Borges, an Argentinian, who developed a new form of fiction writing. Borges often used fictional histories to tell true stories.

Tuesday , Oct 13 – Surrealism and poetry.

Wednesday, Oct 14 – PSAT testing

Thursday, Oct. 15 – Finishing up with the writings of Borges and the surrealists.

Week 9 Oct. 19-22

Oct. 19th – Complete the article The Case for Torture The Case for Torture – Finish the worksheet at the end of the article – Logos, Pathos and Ethos as well as the back page of the worksheet, Persuasive Power.

Oct – 20th. In-class assignment:  Explain how the author, Michael Levin, in his article The Case for Torture, makes a strong argument for why we need to have torture to protect our interests both home and abroad, in order for us to have a safer country.

We will begin writing our “Argumentation Essay” in which you will support a controversial subject using Logos, Pathos and Ethos to convince a reader of your argument.

Oct. 21 – Working in-class on your essay.

Oct. 22 – Essay due.  Five page, MLA style.

Week 10 October 26-29

Monday, Oct. 26 – Return essays and discussion revisions for essays.  All revisions will be due Oct. 28.

Tuesday, Oct. 27 – Grammar. Participial Phrases.  We will be using the Sentence Composing for High School.  Practice 1 & 2 will be done in class in your composition book.

Wednesday, Oct. 28 – Absolute Phrase.  Continue with Sentence Composing for High School.  We will be working on how the various parts of a paragraph and writing a solid paragraph.

Thursday, Oct. 28.

Week 11 November 2-5

Monday – November 2.  (10 Points) We will be finishing our flash fiction stories.  Make sure you send me your updated version before the end of class. Nighthawks_by_Edward_Hopper_1942

Tuesday – November 3.  Nighthawks by Edward Hopper (see/think/wonder) edutopia-stw-bates-artsintegration-template-organizers (4) worksheet (5 points).  We are also doing Questions 1-6 from Joyce Carol Oates poem.  Write the answers in your composition book. JoyceCarolOatesEdwardHopper (2)

Wednesday – November 4th.  Choose a painting to create a poem or prose essay. You will need to complete the graphic organizer Claim/Support/Question to take notes about the painting.

Thursday – November 5th.  Finish poem/prose essay.  Turn in your poem/prose essay and complete the graphic organizer.

Week 12 Nov. 9-12

Monday, Nov. 9

We will be reading Shirley Jackson’s short story The Lottery. Lottery Discussion Questions (3) 

Tuesday, Nov. 10.  Literary analysis of The Lottery.  Answers will be written on a separate sheet of paper.

Wednesday, Nov. 11.  Using The Lottery as a foundation text ,we will be supporting how the story examines particular characters and what is the duality of human nature.  The research will be the foundation of the in-class essay on Thursday.

Thursday, Nov. 12. In-class essay on The Lottery. UpdatedLotteryLongWriting

Week 15 November 30-December 3

Monday, November 30th.

We will be working out of the grammar books.  Practice 1&2 from Adjective clauses.  This will be in-class work.


Tuesday, December 1st.

We will be reading the short fiction by Jorge Luis Borges, Borges and I.  This short piece is about identity and the self. The worksheet and response Borges and I will be due Thursday, December 3rd.

Wednesday, December 2nd.

We will be reading The Two Kings and the Two Labyrinths which involves a class discussion of the reading and a simulation of the reading.  The discussion will be about the nature of religion discussed by Borges.  A paragraph comparing both TheTwo Kings and the Two Labyrinths and Borges and I as metaphors for a labyrinth will be due Thursday, December 4th.

  • How are both stories (The Two Kings and the Two Labyrinths and Borges and I) metaphors for labyrinths.
  • Answer should be at least one paragraph long and include examples from each story.

Week 16 December 7 - 11

Monday – December 7th

We will be watching a speech by Obama.  This is his third speech from the Oval Office.  We will be examining how well he uses Pathos, Logos and Ethos in presenting his speech.

Tuesday – December 8th

We will be reading an editorial from the New York Times regarding the issue of assault weapons in America.  Using the organizer (Pathos, Logos, Ethos) we will determine what part of the editorial shows the different elements of pathos, logos and ethos.

Wednesday – December 9th.

Using he organizer (Logos ,Pathos, Ethos) and from what you can recollect from Obama’s Oval Office speech, New York Times editorial and Huffington Post response, construct the following:

  1. Make a claim/argument/thesis about the effectiveness of the article or the speech regarding the subject of gun control or terrorism.
  2. Use examples of Pathos, Logos and Ethos to support your answer.
  3. Your response should be at least three paragraphs long and have the following:
  4.   a.  Introductory paragraph
  5.  b. Specific examples of how persuasive the articles are.
  6. A conclusion that summarizes your position on The Big Problem.



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