“It’s another cool class with Ms. Roop!”

Comparative Anatomy, new to the TMP curriculum this year, is already generating a lot of enthusiasm.  Beth Roop explains why she wanted to offer the course:

“I wanted to teach this to show students how all living organisms are related by tracing their development  from the simplest, for example sponges, to the most complex, higher order organisms like mammals, including humans.  Much of my curriculum is inspired by on a phenomenal documentary series called The Shape of Life.  Students are learning directly from dissecting a variety of organisms, from earthworms to fetal pigs.  Biology students are always excited to do dissections, but before they even pick up a scalpel, they have to prepare by learning the relevant scientific vocabulary and making detailed diagrams of their subjects.”

And how are the students reacting? Here’s a sampling:

“I just like learning about animals with my homo sapiens friends.”

“Did you know that sponges are animals?”

“Dissections, for sure!”

“I’m looking forward to getting to frogs and pigs.”

“Flatworms are exciting!”

“I want to be a nurse, so I’ll need to know about anatomy, and this is a great head start.”

“It’s another cool class with Ms. Roop.”