Engaged Community

“The MASTERS Program stands for putting forth positive and supportive energy and action, with the belief that we can change the world around us by modeling such behavior.”

–Anne Salzmann, Principal


At TMP, we believe a key factor in student success is the conscious engagement in one’s education, one’s community and one’s life.

Engagement in one’s education means

  • Showing up to class on time, prepared to learn, with homework completed;
  • Paying attention in class, supporting others, and asking for help as needed
  • Being curious and asking questions.

Engagement in community means

  • Attending weekly school Gatherings, where we refine our sense of community through readings and discussions (Paideia), presentations (TED Talks and guest speakers) and town hall-type meeting.
  • Participating in community service days and Friday Projects where we volunteer our time, energy and talents to many local agencies (see below)

Engagement in one’s life means

  • Exploring our interests and abilities through mentorships
  • Learning to support each other through peer education and leadership courses
  • Showing appreciation for our classmates, teachers, friends, family and opportunities

To help students assess their levels of engagement and set goals for growth, our teachers use a tool called “Characteristics of Successful People,” which identifies the hallmarks of successful people: zest, grit, curiosity, optimism, gratitude, self-control in school work, self-discipline and social intelligence. Twice a year, teachers give feedback on each student’s growth in each of these areas, and this feedback forms an important part of the conversation at mid-semester conferences with parents and students.

Please see article from National Public Radio on “Nonacademic skills are key to success. But what should we call them?”

Teachers also assess student involvement in class with an engagement rubric that looks at several areas of student behavior and makes up 15% of the overall grade in the class (see Student Handbook for more detail.

TMP Timberwolves at Fiesta

Community Service Day August , 2016:

SFCC Beautification

Garden SFCC

Pasa Tiempo

Food Depot

SF Community Farm

River Clean up




Railyard Park

Friday Projects 2016 – 2017