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Important Class Files:

Biology is the study of living things and the connections between them and their environment. Our class will involve hands-on activities, including the extraction of DNA from split peas, constructing an edible DNA molecule and using microscopes for observation of protists. The course is 2 semesters and will study cellular structures, cell reproduction, genetics, evolution, classification and ecology. Bring your curiosity and be ready to learn!!!

Weekly Work and Information

Week 3 - September 8 - 11

We are currently studying lessons 7.3 and 7.4 concerning cellular transport and homeostasis.

Both lessons should be read by 9/10 and worksheets over 7.3 and 7.4 completed by Thursday.

You will have a test over C7 on Monday, 9/14, with your Gummi Bear lab report due on 9/15.

week 4 Sept 14-17

On 9/14 we took a test over C7 (cells).  These should be graded and returned to students by 9/16.

Your written lab report is due 9/15.

Worksheet 2.1 is due 9/16

Vocabulary for C2 is due 9/16.    We will be doing notes on 2.1 tomorrow.  Please read ahead

Sept 21-24

We will continue notes on Chapter 2, with 2.2 notes on the “Properties of Water” on Monday.  We will also complete the handouts “Masses of Atoms” and “Elements Symbols”.  Both will be due Tuesday.

Test revisions on C7 are due Tuesday.

On Wednesday, we will begin notes on 2.3, Carbon Compounds.  Worksheet 2.3 is due Wednesday.  Please read ahead and complete the worksheet pages 21-22.  The notes will continue on Thursday.



Sept 28-Oct1

Students should be reading lesson 2.4 concerning enzymes and their role as catalysts in chemical reactions.

Worksheet 2.4 is due Monday

We will be doing a lab on Wednesday, with a formal lab report due 10/5.

We will have a test this Thursday over C2.

week 7 Oct 5-8

Students will receive back their test from C2.  Revisions will be due 10/8.

A written lab report is due Monday over last week’s lab on Enzymes.

Vocabulary for C8 is due Tues, as well as a writeup on Science in the News (SITN).

We will begin studying C8 on Photosynthesis.  This is a difficult and abstract concept and would advise students to read and ask for help if needed.  Worksheets 8.1 will be due Tuesday, in addition to handout “Photosynthesis: What’s in a Leaf?”, questions 1-7

On Thursday, worksheets 8.2 will be due.


Oct 12-15

Students will complete notes on Chapter 8, with a test on Thursday (10/15.)

Monday – We will finish notes over C8.    Students will also be given the worksheet “Factors affecting Photosynthesis,” which will be due Tuesday.

Tuesday – students will construct a “cheat sheet” for Thursday’s test on a 4 x 5 index card.  Students will also complete the Chapter Review on pp. 244-245, which will count as a daily grade.  This will be due Thursday.

Wednesday – all sophomores will take the PSAT, beginning 8-11 am.

Thursday – Test over C8, using the index card made on Tuesday.

We will begin C9 on Cellular Respiration on Monday.  Students have already completed the vocabulary words for the chapter.  Please read 9.1 for Monday.


Oct 19-22

We are studying Cellular Respiration.  Your vocabulary for this chapter was part of last chapter’s vocab.

We are doing notes and worksheets on the different lessons and discussing the steps the body goes through to produce ATP (which is the energy we use for EVERYTHING)

Worksheet 9.3, “Comparing Photosynthesis and CR”, and Photosynthesis and Respiration are all due Thursday.

We will be reviewing these handouts and completing C9 review on Thursday. Students will be taking a C9 Test on Monday.

Oct 26-29

Students will be taking their C9 Test Tuesday.

We will begin C11 on Genetics Wednesday.  Vocabulary is due Thursday (10/29)

Students will be learning several new terms that need to become part of their vocabulary.  Genetics is a topic most students can relate to since it’s so visible.  This unit will involve several genetic problems and a lab on a dihybrid corn cross.  A formal lab report will be due on this activity.

We will be doing workbook pages 160 – 169 next week.  We will combine the process of Meiosis with Mitosis.

Nov 2-5

We begin our unit on Genetics, with several worksheets being turned in this week, as well as vocabulary words that need to become part of the student’s vocabulary.

Nov 9-12

Students will finish up C11 this week, with a test Thursday on C11.

Students will turn in a written lab report on last week’s dihybrid corn lab.

Student will continue notes on 11.3, with the worksheet 11.3 due Tuesday.  We will be “making and drawing dogs” on Wednesday.

Environmental Science

Important Class Files:

Environmental Science is a 2-semester dual-credit class. It is an interdisciplinary class and will involve different aspects of biology, chemistry, geology, sociology, ethics and economics. The Fall semester will follow ENVR111, which is an introduction to sustainability in regards to food, water and populations. The Spring semester will follow ENVR112, which studies sustainable-energy technologies. Both semesters will involve hands-on activities, lectures and current documentaries.

Never before has an understanding of the environment been more important. It is vital for today's student to understand the implications of their actions when making decisions. I hope to develop in each student a degree of environmental literacy and to know that one person can and does make a difference.

Weekly Work and Information

Week 3 - Sept. 8-11

Students will construct an age-structure diagram, using the website

These will be due 9/10 for T/Th classes and 9/14 for M/W classes.  In addition to the diagram, students must analyze their graphs to answer the accompanying questions.

We will also be viewing the video “World in the Balance” and answering questions.

Test – C4 on 9/17 for T/Th classes; 9/21 for M/W classes


Students should be reading C4 in their textbook.

week 4 Sept 14-18

We are finishing up our unit on Human Populations, with a test over C7 on Thursday (9/17) and Monday (9/21)

Monday – finish viewing video “World in the Balance” and notes on factors that affect birth and death rates

Tues/Weds –  notes on TFR, RFR and the Demographic Transition; comparison of developed and developing countries

Thurs – Test C7


Sept 21-24

M/W classes have a test on Monday.  Vocabulary for C5 is due 9/23.

T/Th classes vocabulary for C5 is due Tuesday.

T/Th classes will begin studying C5, which involves Economics and Consumption.  This chapters involves the environmental costs of our consumption, which is usually not included in the price of items.

We will compare a linear system to a closed-loop system (which is preferred.)

C5 Questions for due 9/30 and 10/1.  Test revisions over C4 are due 9/29.


Sept 28 - Oct 1

We will continue discussing the economics of the environmental science.

Students will be assigned a Green Business Project.  This will involve research and construction of a poster over a green business.

Students will also read and answer questions concerning “Fair Trade”

Oct 5-8

We will be reading and answering questions over the article concerning “Fair Trade” (didn’t make it last week)

The project over the student’s chosen Green Business will due either this Wednesday or Tuesday (depending on which class day is involved)

This project will count as 100 points, with each student having received a rubric in regards to grading.

Vocabulary C6 is due next Monday/Tuesday.


Oct 12-15

We will begin studying Ecosystems and Nutrient Cycling (the real nitty gritty parts of environmental science)

Vocabulary for C6 is due Monday/Tuesday.

Students will begin researching for a group project on Monday/Tuesday.  They will work in groups of 3/4 on their specific nutrient (carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorous or water cycle.)   These will be due 10/21 or 10/22.  Students have received the requirements and options.

We will begin notes on the organization of life and discuss energy flow and nutrient cycles.

On 10/14 and 10/15, the handout with the biomes and ocean currents will be completed in class.  The biomes are found on p.98, ocean currents will be shown in class.  This worksheet is due Mon/Tues

We will discuss limiting factors in an ecosystem and the “range of tolerance” for organisms.

Oct 19-22

Biome worksheet is due Mon/Tues.

SITN is due Mon/Tues.

Biogeochemical cycles are due Wed/Thursday.

Oct 26-29

Students will complete C6 on Biomes and Nutrient Cycles.  Presentations were done last week.

We will begin studying Population Ecology this week and study how r-selected and K-selected species differ and how density-dependent and density-independent factors affect population size.

We will also discuss how population distribution patterns differ among the different species.

We will also compare exponential and logistical growth patterns.

Nov 2-5

We will finish up c7 and begin notes on C8

We will be constructing a Food Web on Weds/Thurs, with questions that need to be answered and turned in on Monday/Tues.

We also discussed population growth rates (exponential vs. logistical) and compared r-selected and K-selected species.  A worksheet on both of these is due Wed/Thurs


Nov 9 - 12

We continue notes on C8, including notes on GPP and NPP, niche versus habitat, and species diversity.

Students will compute and answer the questions on “Eating at a Lower Trophic Level” which will be handed out Mon/Tues and due Wed/Thurs.

We will be doing a lab using the cars in the parking lot to determine the species richness and species evenness.  The will be done on Wed/Thurs

Students will also learn about the 3 types of symbiosis (mutualism, commensalism and parasitism).  They will have a worksheet to complete on these.

Students should expect an exam over C6, C7 and C8 on 11/18 or 11/19

Also, any students wanting extra credit for the semester should pick up the requirements from Ms. Roop and have the project ready to submit 11/24.  NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED.


Nov 16-19

We did not get to the exam last week because of snow day on Monday.

We completed C8 and will have the exam on C6,7,8 on 11/23 or 11/24.



Nov 23-24

Exams – Monday or Tuesday

Extra Credit due Tuesday

Nov 30 - Dec 3

We will begin our unit on Food.  You will be reading and answering questions on “The Global Land Rush” by clicking on the link below.

Vocabulary for C18 is due Monday/Tuesday.


Dec 7-10

Students will turn in questions for C18, which will count as their test over Agriculture.

Test Revisions are due Dec. 10.  These should be typed.


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