Academic Excellence


The MASTERS Program is committed to the development of engaged, compassionate students who value academic excellence and education beyond high school, service to others and creating a conscious community.

To accomplish this mission, we will:

  • Provide academic and personal support to each student so that he/she may excel and become a lifelong learner.
  • Work toward embodying an intentionally compassionate community.
  • Emphasize STEM curriculum to position students for careers of the future.
  • Engage students in meaningful service to the Santa Fe community through service learning.
  • Encourage students to develop mastery of their academic, personal and professional lives.


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“TMP is such a wonderful opportunity for anyone serious about their education.”

–TMP Parent

The TMP Advantage

At TMP, all students at all academic levels are challenged to pursue excellence and supported in achieving that goal. TMP is located on the Santa Fe Community College campus, where our students follow a college-type schedule that combines high school level courses taught by our teachers and dual credit courses at the college taught by college faculty. Exposure to a college environment teaches our students to take their education seriously and to use their independence wisely and responsibly. Our belief is that this early college experience helps students make a seamless transition to college.

To support our students in meeting the challenge of an early college program and achieving academic excellence, we provide

  • Engaging classes that emphasize critical thinking and hands-on learning
  • Talented teachers who love their subjects and respect their students
  • On-demand, on-site tutoring available throughout the school day
  • College and career counseling , including college visits
  • Community service throughout the year
  • Mentorships with local professionals
  • Leadership training
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) activities
  • Project days to help students to explore personal, professional and academic interests
  • Access to all SFCC facilities, including the library and the gym


How TMP Works

TMP is one of only three early college charter schools in New Mexico

TMP has a grade of “A” from the NM Department of Education

As a public charter school, TMP is tuition-free

Students enter TMP by lottery (see tab at right to apply)

Entering students take Accuplacer tests at the college to determine which college classes they are eligible to take along with their TMP classes.

Our students seek help from tutors and teachers to challenge themselves to do their best.

As members of a learning community, our students are expected to adhere to our core values of respect, integrity, appreciation of diversity, engagement and service to others.


The class of 2015 graduated with an average of 49 college credits; some graduate with certificates and associate’s degrees; some go on to attend 4-year colleges as juniors with two years of college credit.


“TMP is an opportunity for my child to get the most out of her time spent at school.”                                

                                                                                                                        –TMP Parent